Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun Until ......

.....Mama takes our yard away and locks us in the house!

Scout reporting to you today because Joey is grounded.   Last night, Mama decided to cut the grass in the backyard.  She told us we could watch her from the deck.  We had access to our little yard, but not the big yard where she was cutting.  Joey and I decided that while Mama was occupied cutting the yard, we would play.  We starting running up and down the ramp and then we played in the little yard.  We have never played before because of Joey's restrictions.  Mama still didn't want us to play, so that's why we had to do it while she couldn't get to us fast.  She saw us and told us to be careful.  The next thing I knew, Joey had escaped from the little yard into the big yard with Mama. Now, don't panic.  The big yard is all fenced.  Joey started doing zoomies in the yard.  He ran past Mama. She turned off the lawnmower and told him to stop.  He didn't, of course.  He finally got tired and he laid in the yard.  I just stood in the little yard with my mouth open.  Finally, Mama said I could come in the big yard, but no running. Well, I had to do a little running.  Mama held onto Joey so he wouldn't chase me.  I then laid in the yard.  The grass felt so good.  Joey and I had never laid in the grass together before.  It was fun!

After we rested, Mama said she needed to get the grass cut.  She took us back into the little yard and asked Joey how he had escaped, but Joey played dumb.  Mama closed the gate she made for the little yard and went back to cutting the grass.  The next thing she knew, Joey was running all over the big yard.  He ran and ran and ran.  He dug a hole and ran some more. Mama was angry.  She took me inside the house and she was mumbling all sorts of things, but mainly saying that he was going to get hurt and we are leaving in a few days.  She got his leash and went back outside and brought him in.  He wasn't limping which surprised both of us. Mama locked us inside the house and she went back to cutting the grass.  When she came in, Joey was limping.  Mama looked over his leg and noticed he cut himself between the toes and it's on his bad foot.  She gave him some medicine and he seemed better.  He is still sleeping this morning, so I don't know how he is, but we expect him to be a little sore.  Mama made more changes to the gate and she doesn't think he will be able to get out again.  If he does, he will not be allowed to go into the small yard by himself anymore.  We had fun while it lasted.  Honestly, if he didn't hurt his leg last night, it's probably going to be okay.  He gave it a good workout.

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