Saturday, April 14, 2012

My First Meet & Greet

I am home from my first Meet and Greet!  It was fun!  Mama was nervous that I might do something wrong, but I don't think I did.  We had lots of rain this morning and Mama said we might need to go late because she didn't want to try and get me in the store if it was pouring down rain.  We watched the radar and we had a break in the rain, so we took off.  We told Scout I was going to see the vet and she needed to stay home. She was not happy, but she had a Frosty Treat to help her feel better.

I have never been in a store except if you count seeing Santa.  I don't count that because it wasn't a big store like the store I went to today.  Now I know where Mama buys our treats and food. The smells were wonderful.

There was just me and a cute little girl who is up for adoption.  She only weighs 55 pounds.  Can you imagine?  She was really playful.  She wanted me to play, but I was trying to be on my best behavior.  A family came by today who is interested in adopting her.  We hope they do because it looks like a really good match.  She would have three kids to play with and they seemed to like her.  She watched them as they walked out the store, so I think she liked them, too.

I walked around the store a little bit and Miss Lisa worked with me on the proper way to walk on a leash.  She said I was smart.  Mama said "Really?"   Sheesh, Mom!  It's not like I haven't learned things while living here.  I don't know tricks, but I'm well-behaved.  I whine, but that's because you are not following my routine. Miss Jane reminded Mama that all I have known is going to the vet and haven't really gotten out that much. I came here from the farm.  That's so true, there is a whole world out there that I have not experienced.  I'm off of restrictions now, so watch out world, Joey E is out and about.

Here I am at the meet and greet.

The toys are not new toys from the store. (Didn't want you to think we were playing with store toys.)  We donated them to the foster dogs in our group and the foster girl who was there was deciding which one she wanted.  I was supposed to buy a new toy for Scout, but I forgot all about it until now.

Scout was so happy to see us.  She sniffed me and asked me where I had been.  I told her that I saw a girl greyhound that was not big-boned like her.  She was not impressed.

I really liked the meet and greet. Everyone was so nice to me.  Mama said that we will be doing those whenever we are in town, so that's exciting.

I'm tired now though.  I think I will sleep good tonight.
Scout is tired, too, but I don't know why.  It makes me wonder what she was doing while we were gone.

The Greyhound Who Likes Meeting and Greeting

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