Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 2 - Exploring Oak Mountain State Park

We are staying at Oak Mountain State Park.  It is located in Pelham, AL which is outside of Birmingham.  It's a nice park.  There are a lot of trails, a petting farm, beaches, golf, fishing and a rehab center for animals.  We walked on the trail that led to the birds that are being rehabbed.  Scout didn't want to go.  She was upset when the Jeep stopped and we got out.  The whole time we were on the trail, she wanted to turn around and go back to the Jeep.  Daddy tricked her though and we went on a boardwalk that went in a circle.  She was quite confused that we ended up where we started.  She even did steps to get off the trail.  Daddy said she will just have to stay in the motor home if she doesn't want to participate on our walks.  It's only Day 2 and she is already not wanting to participate.  Mama says she is just tired because she didn't sleep at all on the ten hour drive.  I didn't either, but I like doing things more than Scout does.  She is fine.  She just likes her bed better than exercise. 
Scout not wanting to participate on our walk this morning.

Albino Turkey Vulture in the rehab area of the park.  There were also owls and hawks.
A view from the top of the mountain.

One of the lakes.

Just the view as we drove through the park.

We ate lunch at Whataburger.  We don't have those in our area, so Mama wanted to try it.  She said it was good.  Daddy said it was better than the $14 hamburger he had at the airport.  They both said they would eat it again. We didn't have any of the burgers, but we did try a couple of the fries.  We had no complaints.
Here we are waiting for our food at Whataburger.

Mama plans on rating the campgrounds that we stay in.  Last night, she gave this campground a 2 out of 5, but decided that might be too harsh.  We have only stayed at Missouri State parks and a few privately owned campgrounds. This is our first state park outside of Missouri, so maybe we need to see a few more to properly rate it.  Daddy said we should give it a 3 out of 5.  The sites are small.  They have full hook-ups which are water, sewer and electric next to sites that have no hook-ups.  That seems strange to us. Our site is a pull thru.  However, it is a very strange pull thru.  We could pull thru if we didn't need to hook up to electric, water and sewer.  We had to pull in and then back up to reach those.  The Jeep is actually in the pull thru.  It may be hard to tell in the photo, but it is a strange site.

There is grass and a picnic table behind the motor home.  The pull thrus we are used to allow you to actually pull thru and not have to back in to reach utilities.

There are a lot of bird houses around the campsite and that's nice.  There is a bluebird house on our site with birds living in it.   There is also poison ivy or maybe it's poison oak on the ground.  We have to be careful where we walk.  The sites are gravel and the roads are gravel.  It's not a bad place, but not as nice as our state parks. 

Mama and Daddy are going to leave us later today to do things that do not allow dogs.  That doesn't seem fair.  I guess I will have to update you tomorrow on what they did.

We leave tomorrow for Florida. We are still figuring out where we are going to stop.  We thought it might be Sarasota, but it maybe a longer drive than we want to do in one day.  

That's all for now.  It's nap time!

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