Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 3 - We Are In Florida!

We are in Florida, but first I have to tell the rest of what happened on Day 2.  

Day 2 - Continued

Mama and Daddy left us yesterday afternoon to visit the Wildlife Center in the park.  They take care of birds that have been injured or orphaned.  Mama said it reminds her of the center in Virginia that took care of the eaglets last year when their Mom was killed.  There was a flight cage at this place that is probably like the one in Virginia.  The one here housed hawks.

They had small birds in the main building.  They are monitored very carefully.  Daddy said it seems like a lot of work taking care of them.  Mama said it was so hot inside the building.  It was like a visitors center and had offices, but they must keep it hot for the birds.

The outside of the building had a lot of bird feeders and a butterfly garden.  I was told it was really nice.  Mama saw a lizard, but Daddy said it was nothing like the ones he saw in St. Thomas.

They ate at a restaurant that is a chain around here.  It's called Zaxby's.  They serve chicken wings, buffalo wings and sandwiches.  Mama had the "wimpy buffalo wings" and Daddy had the regular buffalo wings. They also had breaded mushrooms.  They said it was good, but they should have ordered bigger portions.  If you haven't noticed they like trying restaurants that we don't have at home.  Actually, they have an app on their tablet that they are excited about using.  It lists the restaurants that Food Network has visited along with the menus.  They want to try as many restaurants as possible.  We haven't stayed anywhere yet near those restaurants, but we are getting close.

If any of you are worried about Scout, let me assure you that she is fine.  She was pretty wild last night throwing a toy around.
She doesn't even do that at home.

We went for a nice walk around the campground last night.  Here are some more photos.

 Purple Martins' Houses

 I'm watching a squirrel.

 Scout and I were so tired last night.  We really like our beds.

We left this morning around 8 a.m. for Florida.We decided to stay in White Springs, FL for two nights and then we will go to Sarasota.  We arrived around 5 p.m.  However, we lost an hour due to the time change and we stopped twice as much as on Sunday and we had to drive through a lot of city traffic instead of straight highway.  That is why it took us so long.  By the way, the map on our blog does not show the actual route we took.  We did not go into Georgia.  It makes our trip look faster than it is.

We are staying at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park.  It is beautiful!  We haven't really done anything, but walk through the campground meeting the neighbors, but the drive through the park to our campsite was so pretty.  Mama is excited because they have a craft shop and demonstrators right in the park. It is unlike any state park we have visited.  How would we rate it?  We are not sure yet.  It gets a 5 for beauty, but we don't have TV here so that has to knock off some points.  Mama is sad that she will miss Survivor tomorrow night.  There are too many huge trees for our satellite to work.  Scout and I will be left in the motor home for a while tomorrow while the folks do some exploring. That is okay with us.  We are tired.  This traveling stuff is exhausting, but fun.  I am having the time of my life!  I'll post pictures tomorrow of this place.

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