Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 16, Dad's 1st Day of Work

Today is Dad's first day of work.  We hope his commute wasn't too bad.  He left here at 6 a.m. and he needed to be there by 8:15 a.m.  It was like a 25 minute drive yesterday, but that was on a Sunday.

Yesterday afternoon we stayed home. The folks did go out for dinner and to do grocery shopping.  There is a Walmart 1.6 miles away.  Mama still says the roads here are confusing. U-turns are a necessity here.  It's just the way the roads are set up.  The GPS is really confused by the outer roads.  We were told about that by the lady we met in Alabama who is traveling on her own.  She said her GPS was worthless in Texas. It's much easier driving a car here than the motor home.  Motor homes can't easily make u-turns.  Oh, we were asked how much gas Goldie holds.  Mama thinks it is about 50 gallons.  It costs us about $200 to fill her up.  Yep, this trip has been quite expensive.  We hope we get to stay put for a few months so that we can save on gas money.  We still don't know if we will be here more than a month, but we hope so.  Our fear is that Dad will be sent to another island and our adventure will stop for awhile.

Last night, the folks ate a Sawgrass Steak House.  Mama had a ribeye and said it was delicious. We wouldn't know because she didn't bring us any.  Daddy had a steak along with barbecued shrimp.  The shrimp was stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon and then barbecued.  He said it was fabulous.  We have never heard him use that word before.

We really like this park.  There are three small fishing lakes.  We have a view of one of them.
This is our view.

Goldie is in the background.

There are lots of ducks.
 There are ducks and turtles.  Two Mallard ducks were after me and Mama yesterday.  We don't know why. We don't think there is a nest because they don't stay at the lake all the time.

Remember I told you that Scout just lays down when she is tired of walking.  Well, here she is in action.

Another shot of our campsite.

Yep, we are in Texas.

Our yard.  Our hummingbird feeder and BBQ grill.  It's a nice, quiet place.

Here I am with Dad.

There is a really nice dog walk.  It goes basically the length of the park and that's pretty long. The owner said we could walk wherever we wanted though.  We have found that the dog walk is the best place though.  If we walk through the campground, we get chased by little dogs.  They are supposed to be on leashes, but most are not.  We are getting used it though as the place we stayed in Pensacola had two dogs that chased us.  They did not listen to their parents when they were called.   All the dogs have been nice, but it still makes Mama nervous, so she prefers to avoid other dogs. 

We noticed that there is a three-legged Irish Setter that lives next to us. Her Mom doesn't walk her on a leash.  I guess she doesn't think she can go fast, but it looked like she was getting around pretty well to us.  There are also two cats living in that RV.  We think the Mom works nights. 
Me being silly.

Sometimes I like my tongue to hang out like this.

Mama did laundry this morning.  We now have clothes drying in the RV.  We are not supposed to let them dry outside. 

Mama is going to fix a real dinner tonight.  It should be interesting.  She will use the oven. She has used it a few times, but can't remember if the cooking time is accurate in it.  She is using recipes from Emeals. The recipe tonight is chicken drizzled with BBQ sauce along with pinto beans and corn on the cob wrapped in foil and baked.  We will let you know tomorrow if it is any good.  She really likes Emeals because it makes shopping and cooking so easy.

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