Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 21, Ironman Competition

An Ironman Competition is being held today near where we are staying.  A few of the competitors are staying in our campground.  They swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles.  Can you imagine doing that?  I'm an ex-athlete and I can't imagine doing it.

Speaking of being an ex-athlete, Scout and I were walking by a little boy yesterday. I heard him tell his Dad "The white dog is definitely faster than the tiger dog."  That kids definitely knows what he is talking about.

Scout is fine.  Mom checked her over yesterday just to be sure.  She went out a lot more yesterday, but when it came time for our last walk, she didn't want to go.  This morning, we took separate walks and she walked for a long time. She is eating fine.  She is just lazy.  Daddy says she just likes doing what she wants and that is laying around.

Yesterday afternoon Mom (if you just noticed I sometimes call Mama, Mom), Scout and I were sitting in the RV.  All of a sudden we heard BANG and the RV shook, then BANG and and the RV shook again.  Mama thought someone ran into us.  She went outside to look and our awning had broken free of the RV. The rod that holds it to the RV was dangling down. A gust of wind must have taken it.  Now, we are very well aware that an awning should be taken down when it is windy, but it wasn't.  Mama thought it was completely broke.  She had lessons in how to put it away, but did not have lessons on what to do if it came loose from the RV.  A  lady stopped by and asked if she needed help.  Mama didn't think she could help, but it turns out she knew what she was doing. Anyway, with her help, they were able to re-attach the awing to the RV.  Mama was so grateful that the lady stopped to help her.  A little later on, we were walking and ran into the lady and her husband.  The husband said that his wife does all the stuff around the RV. Mama is always impressed when she meets a woman like that.  Mama would like to be like that one day.

We were asked if our Mexican casserole needs to go in the oven.  Yes, it's supposed to be in a 13x9 pan and heated for 30 minutes at 300 or until bubbly.  We only have an 8x8 pan and it did fine in that.

The folks are going to do some tourist things today.  Scout and I will be left behind. Boo!

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