Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 5, Sarasota Here We Come!

We started this morning off with some nice walks.  The squirrels were so entertaining that Mama took me on a few walks.  I saw a sign that said they were looking for campground hosts and I thought that might be a good job for us.  They let you stay for free and pay for your electric. Mama reminded me that we still had to have money for food. many ways can you fix squirrel?  LOL

I had the best time at this park just watching the squirrels.

We had a very light breakfast this morning since we were would traveling.  Our drive today took us about 5 hours. We hit road construction.  We are staying at Myakka River State Park in Sarasota, FL   This park has alligators.  Mama is not thrilled about that.  Daddy wanted to stay here. They are going to take a tour on a boat and tram tomorrow to see the gators.  We have to stay home.  We have a lot less shade at this site and it is hot!  We have air conditioning in the motor home though, so it's fine if we are inside. Mama and Daddy went out to dinner tonight.  They tried one of the restaurants from their Food Network app.  It's called The Old Salty Dog.   Mama said it took forever to get there.  She thought there had to be a faster way, but probably not since it's on an island.  She said the food was good.  She had a grilled burger.  Daddy had a fried shrimp and oyster sandwich.  Mama is allergic to shellfish, so she can't have anything like that.  After they ate, they went to Walmart to pick up some groceries.  They bought a drying rack for their clothes. Mama doesn't like to dry t-shirts and jeans, so she needs something to hang them on.  We really don't have a lot of room in here, so the drying rack will be the best thing.  Most people hang their clothes outside, but the next place we are going will not allow that.  It's pretty classy.  Daddy said we are going to probably have the cheapest motor home there.  They will probably look down on us.  They only allow Class A's and they must be less than 10 years old.  We qualify, but our rig is on the low end as far as cost goes.  It should be interesting.  Okay, so back to tonight.  After they got home from dinner. Mama took this picture of our site. Do you notice anything?

 We were in the motor home waiting for them to come in.  Mama was taking this photo when Daddy told her to be careful and look where she was walking.  She thought there was going to be an alligator there.  She has been so nervous about the alligators. It wasn't an alligator.  It was this.
It's a small rattlesnake.  Our cell phone doesn't work here, but she noticed a neighbor using her phone. Mama thought she would ask her to call a ranger. As Mama was walking to their site, she saw another camper who had spoken to us earlier. She is from this area, so Mama told her about the snake.  She got her husband and then another camper.  The other camper came with a big stick and a spatula. I think he was being funny bringing the spatula.  He acted like he was going to grill up the snake, but that is not what he did.  He just relocated the snake away from us.  We are very nervous now even though we were told by the other campers that they have camped here many times and never seen a snake before.  Mama told Daddy he is going to have to help her walk us while we are here.  She has been cautious with us, but now seeing the snake has scared her.  She will be happy to be out of here and I think we will be, too.  I have not seen any squirrels here.  I did see a jackrabbit though.

The Greyhound Who Had A Rattlesnake In His Campsite

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