Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 17, A Walk Around Our Park

We are having a very cool morning here in Texas.  We are having some light showers. The rain may get heavier later on in the day.

Mama and I took a walk around the park and took some photos. Scout stayed at home.  Last night, she didn't want to walk with us, but the folks made her.  She stayed inside most of the day and she was told she had to come out while the weather was cool. She would take about five steps and look back at the RV.  She was not happy.  Once we reached the end of the dog walk, we turned around and she was fine.  She just wanted to get back to bed. She's silly.

We think these are Black-bellied Whistling Ducks.  They are very pretty.

My travel collar is off and I am wearing my bandana collar.  It seems appropriate for Texas.

The entrance to the campground.

The small lake as you enter the park.  No dogs are allowed here.

Another view of the small lake.

The Office.

The laundry room.  They only charge $1 for a wash and a $1 for a dry.  That's the cheapest we have see.

Small flower garden near the office.

Another view of the lake that we have a view of from our site.

The dinner last night was good.  The oven worked well.  Mama is either going to make Ham, Caramelized Onion & Cheese Panini or Ham and Chicken Casserole for dinner.  It's probably going to be the sandwiches. 

Dad's first day of work was fine.  He said the drive in was easy. The drive home was not as good.  Traffic was bad but he said they had heavy rain, so maybe that was the reason.

It sounds like there is a good chance that we will be here more than a month.  We hope so.  We hope to hear something later this week.

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