Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 10 - A Tour Of Our Home

Today, we want to take you on a tour of our motor home.  WARNING:  It's messy.  It's really hard to keep things tidy when you live in a small area.  Well, it is for us.  We leave our computers, printers, phones, power cords out because we use them all the time.  Our beds are a mess, but we like them that way.  Mama is going to try and clean the carpet today with the Spot Bot.  It really needs it.  We have a small vacuum that does okay.  We would like to get a better one.

Okay, so let's begin the tour.  This is our kitchen. We have a microwave, a cook top with three burners and a small oven.  The oven runs on propane. We have a double sink.  The refrigerator is a nice size.  It's above our food bowl. It has a freezer. That's important for our Frosty Treats.  Mama uses an electric skillet when possible to save on the use of propane.

This little table flips up.  It's nice when you are preparing food.
We have a cutting board that covers one sink.  It is very useful when preparing foods.  It's like an extended counter and as you can see, we need that.
Mama brought her favorite cookware with her.  She brought a skillet, medium sauce pan and a pan large enough for spaghetti. We have decided not to use as many paper plates as we do when we are weekend camping.  Mama bought some plates that she likes as well as a bowl with a handle for the microwave.  It can be used as a steamer.  Dad is using this type of coffee cup instead of paper cups.  It's less trash and probably less money this way.

We have a pantry that pulls out.  It has a latch that you close so that it doesn't roll out while on the road.  It's important to secure everything before take off.  You don't want doors and drawers flying open.  They are made to stay close. You just need to double check that they are closed.  Mama is like a flight attendant before we take off.

Storage is a big deal in a motor home.  You need to maximum it as much as possible.  We probably have a long way to go on that, but we are learning as we go.  This is a the cabinet above the refrigerator.  It has our flour, sugars and other foods that don't fit in the pantry.  We also use a few of the cabinets above my bed for food storage.  Our dog bowl container stores our dog food.  Mama says it's a pain taking the top off of it each time she feeds us, but having a big bag of food takes up space.

Our living room has a slide and the kitchen has a slide.  This makes for a nice size room.
We have two TVs. The one in the living room is above the two chairs at the far end of this picture.

This is above Mama's seat when we are traveling.  It has our DVD player, satellite receiver, TV converter box and the main thing that controls the TV.  I'm not sure what that is called.

This is where Daddy sits to drive this thing. See the little TV?  That's the camera.  He can see what is behind us while he is driving.  We have a printer sitting on the dash since we are parked.  It's a printer, scanner and copier.  Mama bought it for our travels.  She thought it would be safe on the desk in the bedroom, but it fell to the floor about 30 minutes into our adventure. She thought it would slide onto the bed, but it didn't. It works, but it lost some pieces.  It now rides on the bed when we are traveling.

This is a nice cabinet that stores a lot in the bottom.  However, it will be removed when we install our fireplace.  We left the fireplace at home since we won't be needing it for a while. The window cabinet has some of our camping collectibles. It's a nice way to display them, but it's not a good use of space, in our opinion.
The shower is on the left hand side as you approach the bedroom. The door you see is the bathroom door. It can be closed like it is here now to give you privacy in the shower.
The bathroom.

This is the storage for our stuff.  It has our medications, tooth brushes, wipes, furminator and doggy bags.  How many doggy bags did we bring?  812! Mama stocked up at the dollar store.

The bedroom.  It's hard to get a full picture of it.  There is a slide in there otherwise the bed would be against the drawers.  The TV is above the desk area.  There is the big closet with the mirrors and then another closet near the shower.  There is storage over the bed.  Also, the bed lifts up and we store things under it.

There is also storage that you reach from the outside of the motor home.  We have our BBQ grill, satellite dish, outside chairs, gas powered fire pit and other outdoor things stored there.

I think that completes our tour.  Our home is small, but we like it.  It has all we need.

The menu for the folks is pretty boring today.  Dad is at the conference and has the car, so Mama will have to eat food she has bought.

Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito - fried egg, bacon and cheese wrapped in tortilla
Lunch: Either chili dogs or corned beef hash
Dinner: Hamburger with chips

Clue #2
Our new location is 1,139 miles from our current location.  It will take us two long days to get there. 

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