Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Days 30 & 31 Memorial Day And Today

We had a pretty quiet day yesterday.  Mama said it was Dad's day to rest, but by noon, she was ready to go somewhere.  They decided to go to Dollar Tree because she wanted to buy a muffin pan and some other things for the kitchen.  They also stopped by the Goodwill Select Store. Apparently, the select stores are an upgrade to other stores because the items were very nice, but they were priced about twice as much.  Mama saw a comforter that she thought would be nice for me, but they wanted too much money for it. Mama decided that she would just let me use the one that is in the Jeep.  You see, I have decided my favorite place is on the floor under the air conditioning vent.  It is between Mama and Dad, so what could be better?  Mama had been stacking a few blankets for me, but decided I needed more comfort.  You gotta love a Mama that doesn't want my body on a hard surface.
This is my favorite spot.  I have a comforter and a small blanket.  The pillow is there blocking that steel part that I banged my foot on last week.  This picture really makes me look pink and fat. I have been walking a lot and really not eating many treats.  It's really hard to hide fat when you are white.

This is Scout's favorite spot.  It's on the folk's bed under the AC vent.
The folks ate at Tailgaters Pub & Grill.   Mama had a rib eye sandwich and a salad.  Dad had a Bayou Po'Boy which is a blackened chicken breast topped with Andouille sausage, sauteed onion, cheddar cheese, creole mustard and served on a hoagie roll.  They had breaded mushrooms as an appetizer.  Mama said it was hard deciding what she wanted to eat.  She liked the rib eye sandwich, but should have added onions and mushrooms to it.  She would like to go back and try something else.  It is located really close to where we are staying.

Dad checked our electric usage and was shocked at our bill.  It is up to $95 after just two weeks.  Mama checked it after the first week and she thought it was only $17.  She either figured it wrong or we have been using a lot more.  We started keeping the blowers on our AC at night and we think that is the cause of the bill going up so much.  Keeping the blowers on has been helping us all sleep through the night because it is just a constant sound.  Dad got a fan out for their room last night and used that instead of the blower.  We are going to check our usage from yesterday until today to see how much we used. Most campgrounds make you pay for your own electric if you staying a month.  They give you a discounted site rate, but you have to pay your own electric bill.  We could pay a weekly rate and get the electricity for free, but it would end up costing us more.   Mama said it looks like we are paying as much for our RV electric as we do for our 1200 square foot house. Dad said it is because RVs are not insulated very well.  We have really been trying to conserve, so we are quite disappointed to see the bill be as high as it is.

Dad hung up the spice racks yesterday and Mama is very pleased with them.  She now has more room in the pantry and the spices are easy to reach.

The retired couple left yesterday.  They were really confused about how to disconnect everything.  They just starred at it.  We were headed over to help them when the park manage arrived.  He helped them.  We cannot understand how they were not shown how to do anything. Maybe they didn't pay attention?  We are not sure.  When we bought our travel trailer, the salesman showed us everything and gave us a DVD to watch.  We had another training session when we bought our motor home.  We hope they made it home okay. 

Day 31

This morning, Mama cleaned our carpet.  She tried to do it a few weeks ago, but realized she was missing a part to the SpotBot.  She found the part at a vacuum store this past weekend.  I didn't care much for the carpet cleaning, but it does look much better now.  It was getting really dirty.

Our dinner is in the slow cooker.  We are having Easy Ham and Au Gratins.  It looks like it will be good.  We will give a review of it tomorrow.

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