Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 23, Relaxing Sunday

We think we are a little off on our days.  Today is actually Day 23 on the road, but we are writing about Day 22.  Can you believe that we have been on the road for three weeks?  It has really gone fast.

Yesterday, the folks stayed home with us all day except for going to dinner.  Dad had promised us a ride, but Scout started having some stomach troubles Saturday night, so we decided it might be best to stay home.  Her appetite is good and she is alert and even played football with Dad last night.  However, she seems to have stomach issues in the middle of the night which results in walks around 4 a.m.  This morning, she ate some rice and wants more, but Mama is making her wait a little bit longer.  We think it's Mama's fault. We had been eating lamb and rice dog food, but the store only had the chicken and rice.  The chicken and rice doesn't always agree with Scout. Mama is going out after Dad gets home from work and finding the lamb and rice. 

Dad made some shelves for Mama's closet yesterday. She now has room for all her t-shirts, shorts and jeans.
Mama washed the sheets that cover our beds, so now we have to get them back to the way we like them.  Mama put the afghan with our photos on it on the couch.  It looks like home now.  The day was spent re-organizing our little home.

Last night, the folks ate at Willy's Grill and Ice House.  Mama was a little surprised to find it was a restaurant where you had to stand in line and order and then find a table.  They ordered breaded mushrooms as an appetizer.  The portion was very large and the mushrooms were seasoned and tasted great.  Mama had baby back ribs, a salad and fries.  The baby back ribs were tender and the barbecue sauce was very good.  The french firies had a nice seasoning to them. It was somewhat like the seasoning that Red Robin uses.  She had ranch dressing and it had a nice flavor.  Dad had fried crawfish, slaw and fries.  He said it was really good.  Mama said this was the best meal that she has had in Texas and she definitely wants to go back.  It's only a 1.5 miles from our campground, so that makes it nice for us because they are not gone so long.

Dad went fishing last night in the lake across from us.  He caught a few fish.  He said a neighbor came over and talked to him for a while.  He told him about a restaurant they really like.  He said they are known for country fried steak which is one of Mama's favorites.  He said it's a little bit of a drive, but it's worth it.  Daddy said the neighbor said he had met us and Mama didn't know who he was talking about until he described his dog.  LOL  Mama told Dad that she talks to people whenever we are out, so she needed more of a description than "the guy had an earring". 

Remember when we were traveling to Texas and ran into all those love bugs?  Well, Mama finally uploaded the photo of what her side of the windshield looked like that day.

They cleaned if off at the gas station and then it was covered again.  The bugs don't bite, but they are quite annoying and they will destroy the paint on your vehicles if you don't get them cleaned off.

We hope Scout feels better later today.   Mama would like to have a full night of sleep tonight.

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