Friday, May 18, 2012

Some Things Are Bigger In Texas

You should see the rabbits here in Texas.  They are a lot bigger than the ones at home. We don't have a picture to show you because they are also faster than the ones at home.  The ones at home are not very bright. We can almost touch them before they move.  The ones here take off before we even get close to them.

Mama said the Mexican Casserole was good.  She thought she would have leftovers for lunch today, but when we came back from our walk, Daddy had eaten all but a tablespoon of it. 

Mexican Casserole

The casserole was easy to make.  It has crushed tortilla chips on the bottom, fried ground beef with chili beans and a cup of salsa mixed together, a layer of sour cream, diced tomatoes, black olives and cheddar cheese.  Mama served it with more tortilla chips because the ones in the casserole were not crisp. 

Tonight, the menu calls for a Veggie & Hash Brown Pie, but Mama is not going to make it.   She has decided to grill some chicken breasts and maybe top those with mushrooms, grilled onions and Swiss cheese.  The casserole uses broccoli, so she will fix that as the veggie and will either cook some noodles or baked beans as another side.  She is kind of winging it tonight.  She just doesn't think the casserole sounds that good to her and it is meatless.  She likes meat.  She will save the hash browns for breakfast.

FYI - Mama found out that our RV holds 75 gallons and not the 50 she thought.

Mama did laundry again this morning.  She washed Dad's work clothes.  He wears white polo shirts and khaki pants.  Well, one of Dad's shirt shrunk, a lot.   LOL  Oops! 

Mama doesn't usually dry most of their clothes, but since we have limited drying room in the RV, she is drying everything but jeans and t-shirts.  She may have to stop drying Dad's shirts or pay closer attention to the ones that are 100% cotton.  LOL

Scout is getting lazier and lazier.  She didn't want to go for our walk at all last night.  Dad almost had to carry out of the RV.  Mama asked if she was scared of something. Dad said she is just lazy.  She kept looking back at the RV on the whole walk.  Finally, we reached the end of the dog walk and we turned around and I had trouble keeping up with her.  This morning, she went out fine, but later when we went for a second walk, she refused.  She ended up getting jealous that I was getting a third walk and she came along and she met a nice man that petted her.  She was happy after that. 

The Greyhound Who Has A Very Lazy Sister

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