Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 11, Next Location Annoucement

Okay, so it appears giving the miles was a give away to a few of you of our next location.  We will give you the three other clues we came up with just because we hate for them to go to waste.

Clue 3: Two Presidents were BORN in this state
Clue 4: Tom Hanks mentions the city in one of Mama's favorite movies
Clue 5: Gatlin Brothers sang about this city.______ means that I'm one day closer to you.

The answer is Houston, TX.   Deccy and Sistertex were correct!

We heard that Miami needs someone, but we already have a commitment with the Houston hotel.  Miami is only 93 miles away, so that would have been an easy drive.  We hope we don't see any more rattlers, but it's possible in Texas.  We have our reservations at a Mom and Pop campground.  There were two campgrounds to choose from and this one has trees which is nice for shade and it appears to have a little bit bigger sites than the other one.  They have a dog park, but we will have to see if Mama thinks it is safe for us.  It will be nice to be able to get off leash for a little while.

Mama is doing laundry this morning.  She is going to do some sightseeing later today.  We will just stay in the motor home.  It's a hot morning.  The dew point is 72.  Mama came back dripping with sweat after our 8 a.m. walk.  Scout wanted to head back to the motor home before we even left our site. Walking here is really nice at 5 a.m. and 10 p.m.  LOL

Mama says that Scout is Eeyore and I'm Tigger.  I'm always bouncing around and Scout has that look of doom on her face.  Daddy says that Florida is Scout's state because she loves elderly women with white hair. You should see how excited she gets when she sees a white haired lady.  Mama has to hold her back so that she doesn't knock them down. 

No menu at this time.  Stayed tuned.  LOL

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