Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 4, Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, White Springs, FL

This morning, I got Mama up around 6 a.m. and we went for a walk just the two of us. We walked around the campground and watched the squirrels.  It was nice. After we got home, Scout decided she wanted to go, so she got to go on a private walk with Mama.

On our non-travel days, Mama fixes us a big breakfast.  Today, we had fried eggs, bacon and hot sausage links.  Well, we didn't have all of that.  Scout had an egg and I had a little bit of bacon.  I don't eat eggs.  Mama needed to fix all the meat because she was scared it would go bad.  I guess enough of that boring talk.  You probably don't care what we eat for breakfast.

We all went for a walk after breakfast.  The squirrels are crazy here!  They hop from fences to trees.  It's fascinating!
This is our spot.
You can see our motor home in the background in the picture below.
Here we are with Dad under a palm tree.

This is an empty camping site.  We like it better than ours due to the palm trees. Maybe next time we will get that one.  The sites here are huge, like our adventure.

This is the back of our site. It's pretty.

After our walk, the folks left to do some sightseeing.  They visited the Stephen Foster Museum which is in the state park.
They also visited the bell tower. It plays his music.  He wrote such songs as Way Down Upon The Suwannee River and Old Suzanna.
There is a little village here where crafters demonstrate their work.  Mama met a lady who collects the stones and rocks she uses in her jewelry.  She travels all over the U.S. in the winter doing that.  She climbs mountains for some of the rocks.  She says you have to do it in the winter to avoid snakes.  She carries a gun in case she meets a poisonous snake. She was probably in her 60's.

We met a lady this morning who is traveling around with just her dog.  She has an Airstream travel trailer.  Mama was quite impressed that she was doing it on her own.  She said she tried traveling with another retiree once and it just didn't work out.  She said she does not play nice with others. I guess at least she knows that.

The people here are very talkative.  It's old to get away from them.  They are all retirees, so they have plenty of time.  Mama said she hopes when she retires that she can have this type of lifestyle.  I think I'm living the retiree lifestyle.  What do you think?

We had more pictures to show you, but the setting on the camera was changed and it is taking forever to upload them, so we will have to pass today.

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