Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 7, Naples/Marco Island

We left Sarasota this morning around 9:30 a.m. We took  a couple of long walks around the campground and said goodbye to the new friends we made before we left.  We enjoyed the park except for the rattlesnake.
Do you like my alligator impression?

I'm ready for takeoff. I hope we are headed someplace cooler.

The drive was an easy one today.  It was only a few hours.  We are staying at Signature Resorts.  It is actually located in Naples, which is about 22 minutes from Marco Island.  Dad's conference is in Marco Island. The resort is just a half mile from shopping and it is not congested driving at all.  Mama is happy about that because she is going to do some exploring while Dad is at his conference. Anyway, we were concerned about being looking down upon since our rig is not expensive.  However, the place is almost empty.  There are 184 sites and only 14 are occupied. It looks like 4 of those are just storing their motor homes. People can buy the sites and then they are rented out when they are not using them.  The rates are really low right now since occupancy is so low.  
The gated entrance.
We are here!

The view from our windshield. Our site over looks a "creek".  It leads to the Gulf of Mexico. It is more of a canal than a creek.

Our site.

The view down our street.

They call this a lake.  There is a beach there.  No dogs allowed.  
Another view of the "creek".

I would love to take a swim.

We have Wi-Fi here and it is much faster than our hotspot at the last place.  That connection was so slow. It took us a good two hours to update the blog.  We couldn't use a lot of our pictures because it took us so long.  We have cable here.  We are not using our satellite since the only thing we are missing is Showtime. We will have to catch up on our shows next week.

Scout and I are relaxing tonight.  It's going to be strange to be in the same place for a while.  We leave here next Friday.

Menu today for the folks.

Breakfast:  Jimmy Dean's Breakfast Sandwich
Lunch: Hamburgers fixed by Mama in the electric skillet.
Dinner: Maria's Mexican Restaurant.  Mama had a fried chimi with shredded beef.  Daddy had a pork dish that was supposed to be spicy, but he said it wasn't.  The tortilla chips were thick which is not what we have at home. Dad said it was okay. Mama said it was good. There is not a website to share with you.

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