Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our HUGE Adventure Has Begun!

Day 1

We left the house at 6:45 a.m.

We were pretty excited at first.  However, it really wasn't much fun until we stopped at our first rest area.  We got to sniff around a lot. We were too busy sniffing to really get photos.

 We went through a few states on our way here.
We drove by my old work place, Southland Greyhound Park.  Mama didn't get a good picture of it though because she didn't know we were passing it until it was almost too late.  You have to look past Daddy to see it.
Then we passed through a few more states.

Mama said I did really good traveling.  I stopped whining after about a half hour.  However, both Scout and I got in trouble for pulling at our second stop.  Mama was not happy with us at all.  She said it looked like we had never been on leashes before.  She was very disappointed in us since she had been working so hard on getting us to walk without pulling her.  We were so excited that we forgot all our training.

Daddy put a divider in our bed and we each have our own area.  Scout doesn't like to be touched, so it keeps the peace. Our bed already looks a mess, doesn't it?
Hopefully, tomorrow we will be a little more fun to read about.  We are very tired and are going to turn in early tonight.

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