Sunday, April 22, 2012

Horses, Cows and a Fox - YIKES!

Next week at this time, we will be on our HUGE adventure.  Mama says we have a lot of work to do today.  We need to get serious about packing.  I thought we were getting serious.  She said we will feel better when we have more things out in the motor home.  I feel fine, but I think she will feel better.

We took our morning walk this morning.  We walked down the road with the goats, cows and horses.  The horses were out this morning, so we stopped by and said "howdy" to them.

Yes, you are seeing tractor trailers and boats in the background.  The goats and horses live in a storage yard.  It's kind of sad.

After we visited the horses, goats and cows, we headed back home.  We were looking at our backyard when we heard a rustling sound.  Mama thought it might be a rabbit or a squirrel.  It was a FOX!   Mama said "AAAAAAA!"  The fox looked at us and looked at Mama and took off running.  Sorry, there is no photo. Mama was too busy screaming.  He was a cute little guy.  He was about five feet from us when the screaming occurred.  The neighbors chickens better be careful with that fox around. 

The Greyhound Who Had A Close Encounter With A Fox

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