Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Plane Crashed By Our House

Yesterday, Mama was on the phone and she said "Joey, there is a plane flying low in the field across from our house."  After she got off the phone, she said she was going to see if he landed in the field.  Just as she was getting her camera, we heard a boom and our power went out.  She looked out the window and said "Oh, no!  The plane has crashed in the road!"  She went out to the front porch and took a few photos.  She didn't want to get closer.  There were people gathered around quickly and they had cell phones, so she knew the police had been called.

He clipped the power lines and then it fell to the ground. The pilot was able to walk home which is amazing.  Apparently, he lives by the goats and horses that we visit.  They towed the plane to his yard.  It was his first flight with the plane. We heard one report that he built the plane himself.  He said he was just trying to get home, but couldn't get enough height.  He really didn't make it very far.  He must have flown over our backyard since the neighbor said he flew over her house.

Two news channels wanted Mama to go on camera, but she refused.  She said she didn't see it happen and since the pilot survived, it was pretty much a non-story.  One of the photographers thought I was a cool dog and he rubbed my ears.  Mama almost told him the story of my life, but she decided against it.  She can be pretty chatty at times. 

It definitely made our last day without Daddy rather exciting. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about the bee.  A bee got in our house and I tried to catch it. Mama said "NO, JOEY, DON'T!"   She killed it, but it took her quite a while.

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