Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Routines Are Important

I am a hound that likes a routine.  Mama just needs to remember that and things will go much smoother.  I've really been a good boy while Dad has been gone, but last night Mama changed our routine.   She decided instead of taking us for a walk that she would let me explore the backyard.  I had a lot of  fun doing that, but I wanted my walk, too.  I whined the entire time that Mama was on the phone with Dad.  Finally, she gave in and took us for a walk.  It was dark by then, but I didn't care.  I took my walk and I was happy.  I then went to bed.  See, just give me what I want and I'm a happy boy.

This morning, Mama painted the porch.  She has been dreading doing it because she is really not experienced with painting.  I supervised her from inside the house and I think she did just fine.  She said it wasn't that bad and I guess that's good because she will have to do it again next year.  Our porch isn't covered, so the paint comes off easier than other porches.  Mama thinks we should replace it with the boards that never have to be painted.
Do you see the flag in the background?  It's a flag of me!  Well, not quite because the dog on the flag has brindle patches on both eyes and I only have a patch on one eye. It's pretty close to me though.

The countdown clock is ticking down on my end of restrictions!  Five weeks ago today I had my surgery, so probably today is really my restriction free day, but when I saw the doctor he said it was three weeks from that day, so we are going with Friday.

Saturday, I am going to my very first Meet and Greet.  Scout has to stay home because Mama thinks it will be easier just taking me since it's my first time and I'm still learning to walk properly on a leash even with my harness.  I am going to see people from our greyhound group that made sure I received all the medical care I needed, so I am excited to show them how well I am doing.

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Like Anyone Messing With His Routine

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