Monday, April 16, 2012

I Ran!

Remember Mama saying that she was not going to let me run for a while?  Well, I had other ideas.  Today, she decided to cut the grass in the backyard.  As usual, I laid on the deck and watched her. She took several breaks because the backyard is really just a big hill.  While she was taking a break, she said "Joey, would like to sit in the backyard while I take a break?"  As soon as she opened the gate so that I could reach her in the big backyard, I took off running.  It was like a start gate opening.  I know she was scared, but UCME Bubbasparks was once again running. I ran two laps. Scout came out and watched me from the deck.  She cried because she wanted to run with me. Mama said no.  She said it was bad enough that I was running before she thought I was ready.  After I did my laps, I laid in the grass.  It was pure bliss!   Mama is happy that I am not limping.  She said "Well, it looks like your leg held together okay."  

I haven't had a run since I broke my leg in August 2010.  Let me tell you, it feels good to run again.  I have a feeling that Mama will still try to smother me for a little bit longer, but today was fun.

So after I did my run and Mama calmed down, she started cutting the grass in the area that Scout and I use.  It's pretty muddy and Mama slipped and landed on her butt.  She said "Joey, I am not even going to check to see if that is mud or something else on my pants."  Yep, it was better she didn't check.  She finished cutting the grass and immediately put her clothes in the washing machine.  Thank goodness for washing machines.

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