Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Fine

Joey here to tell you that my fun run didn't cause any real damage to my leg/foot. I do have a cut between my toes and I am sore, but I'm fine.  I was grounded from the big yard for a day.  Mama let me walk around the big yard this morning after our walk.  I got in trouble on my walk because I was pulling really hard.  There were bunnies all over. They were running down the road and two almost got hit by cars.  How could I not be excited?  Mama got aggravated with both me and Scout.  She said that I am a speed boat and Scout is an anchor. After we got back to the house, she took me back outside without Scout and we worked on me walking without pulling. I did really good and I got lots of praise.  I was allowed to go in the big backyard as my reward. 

Mama bought me a new hedgehog on Monday before my fun run.  I love hedgehogs.  This one really has a good grunt to it.  I think it got on Scout's nerves with the grunting.  I'm taking at least two hedgehogs on our HUGE adventure because I love them so much.  I take them outside and that makes Mama laugh. I just like to have them with me.

Mama and I were relaxing on the deck last night and we heard a strange noise in the house. She thought Scout fell or something.  It was Scout playing with the hedgehog. Mama said that Scout never really played with toys before I came along.  I think Scout wanted us in the house with her.  She doesn't really like being outside.

Last night, a fly got in the house.  I hate when flies get in the house.  They drive me crazy!

Well folks, tomorrow is the big day!  Daddy will be home, but not until late.  Mama hopes to take a video of our reaction.

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