Friday, April 6, 2012

Three More Weeks

Yep, it's three more weeks until Dad comes home. It's one more week until I am off of restrictions. I have a feeling that I'm still not going to be allowed to run though.  Mama is nervous about it. I will probably have to work my way up to chasing bunnies.

My New Freedom Harness is here.  We have pictures of it, but they are on Mama's new phone and she doesn't know how to put them on the computer yet. Mama is very happy with how I am walking with it. She says I'm 95% better. However, I'm still not good enough to allow Scout to walk with us. Scout and I together equal trouble.

This morning, we walked down this road that I love to walk down, but I'm only allowed to do so if I am wearing my harness.  It's downhill and I can really take Mama for good pulling if I am wearing my regular collar.  This morning, we saw goats and horses.  The horses were very interested in me. They ran up to the fence which made Mama very nervous.  She didn't know what they were going to do.  I wanted to get to them as much as they wanted to get to me. Mama took pictures, but they are on the phone, so you just have to imagine it.

Mama left the house on Wednesday with very straight, limp hair and came back with curly hair. How did that happen?   Nope, no pictures of the hair.

Not much has been going on. It's been cool enough to leave the front door open, so I lay in front of it and watch the traffic.  I was surprised when the neighbors chicken appeared in our driveway the other day.

Here are a few pictures that we took tonight. See Scout is HUGE compared to me. BOL

 My leg is looking good. The hair is growing back and my scar doesn't look bad.

Sorry our post is so boring tonight.  I wanted to catch a lizard and talk about that, but Mama wouldn't let me.  She really needs to let me do more so that I have something to write about.

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