Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We are having a fun day with Mama. We went on a nice walk this morning. I wore my new harness. I walked almost perfectly. It has a leash with two hooks, so Mama hooks one end to the harness and the other end is hooked to my collar.  It seems to work for us that way.  Mama was using two leashes, but that was harder to do.  She feels that having the second hook on my collar is safer in case the harness malfunctions.
After our walk, we had breakfast and then we started cleaning the house.  Scout went to bed while we cleaned.  I like helping supervise the vacuuming and the sweeping. We also did some laundry.  Mama used the Dremel on Scout's nails, but just used a file on my nails. I won't let her come near me with that Dremel.  Mama then started scraping off the loose paint to prepare the porch for its' new paint.  She swept it and then hosed it down, but there are things flying off the maple tree and landing on it.  She hadn't plan on painting it today anyway, but it definitely wouldn't be a good day for painting.

Scout wanted me to post this photo of her. She said she looks like a model.  WHATEVER!  LOL  This is how she posed while Mama was doing her nails. 

Mama took this photo of us last night.  Look, our feet are touching.  Mama says it looks like we are plotting against her. 

 Have you ever had a Peep? We were reading on Greytalk that a lot of hounds like them.  Mama said she might pick us up some tomorrow when they are on clearance. I guess they are not in our budget any other way.  LOL

One year ago today, Mama said that they moved into this house.  She said the year has gone fast. Jack has been gone for almost 10 months and I've been here for 9 months.  It's hard to remember my life before living here.

The Greyhound Who Is Having A Nice Easter

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