Monday, March 5, 2012

BIG Announcement!!!!

Joey and I are both at the keyboard today because we have a BIG announcement.
Joey: Actually, it's a HUGE announcement!

Scout:  I'm not sure if it's HUGE, but it is pretty BIG!

Joey:  So, what do you think it is?  Did Mama find a job?

Scout:  LOL, No, but it's bigger than that.

Joey:  Is Mama pregnant?

Scout: LOL, No, thank goodness!  I wouldn't want a baby crawling all over me.

Joey:  A baby would probably drop a lot of food.

Scout:  That's true, but a baby drools worse than you.  It would steal all your toys. I think we would be told "No!" a lot if a baby lived here.

Joey:  That is true.  A baby sounds like trouble. Good thing it's not a baby.   Is it a new greyhound?

Scout:  No, we definitely don't need another greyhound.  You are more than enough for me to handle, Joey.

Joey:  I don't know, I think another greyhound might be fun.

Scout:  ::::sigh::::  Trust me, Joey, another dog would not be good. Can you imagine how cramped the Jeep would be?

Joey:  Okay, so should we tell them?

Scout:  Okay, ready?


Joey:  Yep, Daddy got a new job and it involves traveling 99% of the time, so they are allowing us to come along and live in the RV.

Scout:  The longest we will stay in any location is three months. 

Joey: We plan on doing a lot of sightseeing on weekends.  We will visit a lot of state parks and maybe national parks.  There will be lots of things to explore around the RV parks, I'm sure.

Scout:  The worst thing, we think, is that we will come home for the winter months and Daddy will have to keep traveling without us.  He may only come home once a month, so that's going to be hard.  We don't want to be driving the RV on nasty winter roads and the RV is not really equipped to be warm in bitter temperatures, so that's why we have to come home.  Daddy said we may need to save money over the winter months because living this type of lifestyle is not going to be cheap (gas prices, pad rent, etc.)  If we happen to luck out and get a warm location for the winter, we may not come home. I wouldn't mind living in a warm location for the winter.  Mama and I are dreaming of a sandy beach instead of snow.

Joey:  Daddy put us on a pretty strict budget.

Scout:  Yep, Mama needs to order bully sticks before we leave because I don't think they are in the new budget.  Plus, it's hard getting mail when you don't have an address.  We can use the RV park's address, but it sounds like a lot of trouble.
Joey: We leave on March 24th!  That's in just three weeks!

Scout:  Joey has his surgery on March 13th and the vet said he will be ready for travel on the 24th.  Mama wishes we had another week for Joey's recovery, but we don't have a choice.

Joey: Mama has been busy getting things ready to go.  She canceled our cable and trash service.  She has been doing a lot of shopping.  This week, she will take the car in for some work. The RV goes in for repairs today.  It's a good thing she is not working because she wouldn't have time for it.  LOL   She is hoping to find a job that can be done on the road, but if not, it will be okay.  She may try to make a little money with a new blog while we are traveling.  We will just have to see what happens.

Scout:  There is a lot to do when you are leaving home for 9 months, but so far, everything has gone smoothly. Daddy's dream is to retire and travel in the RV, so this is almost as good.  We just can't choose our locations, but we still have a steady income, so he is VERY happy.

Joey: We will take all of you along on our journey, of course!  Our blog was getting a little boring, so this will give us new content.  LOL   Mama says our lives will never be the same once we begin our journey.  It's so exciting!!!!

Joey and Scout
The Greyhounds Who Are Preparing For A BIG HUGE Adventure!

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