Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hey, Towel Lady!

It's raining today and we've been running in and out.  Mama asked if we thought she was our personal towel lady.  Yes, yes, we do.  LOL  She wouldn't want us to be all wet now, would she?

Mama has been very busy checking things off items on her to do list, but there is still more to do.  Tuesday, she made us six more collars.  Our new collars are for Halloween, flag holidays, every day wear and I have a cool Rams' collar.  I had been wearing big brother, Jack's Ram's collar, but it was looking worn and Mama made me a new one with that chain hardware that we like.  Our collars are packed and ready to go into the RV.  We are bringing ten each.  Do you think that is enough?  The sewing machine along with the necessary accessories are ready to be put in the RV.

Yesterday, Mama took the car in to have a new breaking system installed that keeps it from running into the RV.  This is a place that Mama and Daddy shop all the time, but never had service work done.  Mama said they were completely unprofessional.  She was sitting there waiting and they were openly complaining about other employees while she read her Kindle. They were yelling back and forth.  She was getting very nervous because all their complaints were about what sales told customers their bills would be.  Mama called Daddy and double checked what the bill should be.  She wanted to be prepared in case their bill came out wrong.  Sure enough, they wanted to charge her $100 more.  She was able to get them to reduce the bill.  It wasn't as much as she wanted, but it ended up being $10 more than the worse that Daddy expected.  Daddy thought it might be less because we are just replacing our old system.   If they ever have work done again and there is a sign saying how much labor will be on a special, Mama is taking a picture so she has proof.  Apparently, the service department says these signs go up and down without their knowledge.  After that fun appointment,  Mama met with our regular vet and made sure she had everything she needed records wise.  We both have three year rabies vaccines, but Joey will need to get a distemper around July/August.  We will have to do that on the road.  The vet said he was almost tempted to do it before we left, but Mama said she didn't want to do that because of my surgery.  The vet agreed.  He told her what we need if we go to Canada. He said we need a health certificate dated not ten days before we cross the border and if we stay more than ten days, we need another one coming back.  Mama's a little nervous about having to find a vet there, but maybe we won't even end up in Canada. Does anyone have any experience with that?  She bought enough heartworm medicine to get us through the year.  She then got her haircut and did the last of the big shopping. 

Today, Mama is going to have lunch with an old friend.  She thought that was the only thing on her list, but Daddy wants her to go to the RV shop and pay for the repairs on the RV so that we can pick it up after hours tonight. She probably will stop and get the license for it on her way home.

Mama is getting nervous about my surgery now.  I keep telling her that I will be fine.  She can't say too much to Daddy because he gets aggravated with her when she goes on and on and on.  She keeps saying that she needs to get earplugs so she can't hear my whining in the RV, but I think Daddy and I are the ones that need the earplugs so we don't have to hear her.  LOL

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