Friday, March 2, 2012

Paper Shredding

I've been very busy helping Mama this week.  What have we been doing? We've been shredding papers.  I don't mean just a few papers.  I mean we shredded a year's worth of credit card applications and other papers that Mama said she didn't want to get in the wrong hands. You really don't realize how much of that stuff comes in until you stack it up and shred it.   After we shredded all the old mail, we moved onto an old filing cabinet that had things dating back 25 years.  Apparently, Mama used to be quite organized with her paperwork.  Her shredder broke a year ago and chaos set in.  The filing cabinet now has recent paperwork and the old, unneeded items are shredded.  We worked on this shredding/office cleaning for three days.  I bet when you saw the blog title for today you thought that I had been shredding paper on my own.  LOL  Nope, I just watched it all happen and then barked at the vacuum when it had to pick up the stray shreds of paper.  It really was exhausting.

The Greyhound Who Is Mama's Little Helper

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