Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Healing Nicely

Mama says that I am healing up nicely.  She said my foot looks really good and feels that the stitches will come out on Friday.  She doesn't have a trained eye, of course, so we will see what Dr. Mike says on Friday.

I pushed almost all of Mama's buttons on Saturday.  I only slept for maybe two hours.  I was a "hyper boy" as she says.  She went to the store and bought us Kongs to keep us busy.  Scout is better at eating out of one than I am.  She uses her paws to hold it.

I don't really get how to do it.  They seem like too much work to me. Bully sticks are easier and guess what?  We don't have any.  Mama ordered us these news things called bladder sticks.  Well, they are good, but last us about five minutes. Once we figure out where we are going to be living, she will try and place us another order.

The real problem was that I wanted to patrol my yard and see my bunnies.  I paced the house until Mama finally gave in and let me look around the yard and then I was fine.  Yesterday, she took me out again and I relaxed and slept a good part of the day. It's a good thing that I checked on the bunnies because you know what they did?  They multiplied.  Yep, there are now four.  Daddy said that's what they do.  Mama said she expects to see some baby ones running around soon. The two new ones that are running around are big ones.

The folks started loading up the motor home.  We still don't know if we are leaving this Saturday.  Daddy de-winterized it and made sure everything was working.  Mama took out her sewing machine and other things that she didn't need this week.  She is not taking her clothes, kitchen items and food to the motor home until we know for sure we are going.

(Watching Daddy work on the motor home.)

Mama and Daddy are both over their colds, thank goodness. Scout said they normally don't get sick this often.  They've been sick three times in three months.  That's just crazy!

Hopefully, we will be able to update you soon as to what is going on with our HUGE adventure.  Next week at this time, we will either be living in the RV or taking Daddy to the airport.  We really hope it's not the latter.

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