Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rodeo Is Coming To Town!

The Houston Rodeo is coming to town.  It is the largest event of its' kind in the world!   We found out last night that they set up camp with the horses and maybe cowboys in the field across from our dog walk!  Mama is excited about that.  There is a large parade through downtown the weekend before it starts.  The rodeo itself lasts for three weeks.  There are many events including concerts (lots of country singers), a carnival, shopping, livestock shows and the rodeo. There may be other events that we don't know about.  Mama is not sure if she will go to anything.  Dad's job here may end right before the rodeo starts.  There is talk that he may be extended, but we don't know for sure.  It is very possible that we will be here for a month without Dad.  Mama said she doesn't want to go to this by herself.  She may ask someone she knows from here if she wants to go.  We are just excited that we will be able to see the horses and maybe some cowboys. 

I definitely need to get a cowboy hat or bandana before the rodeo comes to town.

We do have this flag on our site, so we are somewhat festive.
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