Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Destination Has Been Assigned

We mentioned last week that Dad was told he was staying here in Houston until the end of March.  Those plans changed quickly.  We thought he might be gone for a month.  We thought about going with him, but we didn't know if the weather would be okay there.  The folks went back and forth on it and kind of decided that if we got our new motor home before he left, we might give it a try. 

Dad was able to come up with a compromise.  He will leave here on March 3rd and work at the next destination.  He will come back on March 15th.  He will be gone less than two weeks!  He will then work here until March 29th and then we will all leave for the next destination.  We will be there until at least the end of April. 

We really hope we have our new motor home before we leave here.  We are working hard to find one.

Mama is working on another hat.  This one looks HUGE!  She is following the instructions, so if it doesn't work, she can blame Martha Stewart.  BOL!

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