Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Hat

Mama has been thinking about getting a knitting loom.  She has been watching YouTube videos on people using them.  She said it looked easy.  She decided she wanted to try the Martha Stewart  Knitting Loom Kit because not only does it have a circle loom but it has several pieces that you put together to make different shapes. Yesterday afternoon, she set out to make a hat.  She kept saying "This is so much fun and it is so easy!"

Wow, Mama, that is a nice hat!

Unfortunately, the hat came out kind of small.

Yep, the only thing it fits is the penguin.  BOL!
The instructions say that Mama should add pieces to the round pieces to make it an oval and it will fit most heads.  Mama is going to follow the instructions today.  BOL!

We are not getting that motor home.  The mechanic found a few things wrong and they would be costly to repair.  The generator has an oil leak.  There is a problem with one of the slides and the cook top has a part that is bad and it is no longer made, so the whole thing has to be replaced.  The owner refused to pay for the repairs or lower his price, so we walked away.  It is back on the lot with the 10 foot of damage along the side.  Yikes!  Insurance will pay for that damage, of course.

The Greyhound Who Will Have To Be Mama's Hat Model Soon

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