Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Go Texan Day!

Today is Go Texan Day!  What is Go Texan Day?  Well, since the rodeo kicks off on Monday, Texans are encouraged to show their pride. The rodeo challenges schools, businesses, organizations, and clubs to participate in a one-day event that will build pride in Texas and Western heritage throughout Houston and the surrounding areas.  Dad is wearing his denim shirt and jeans to work.  Mama is supposed to find my bandanna and Scout is going to wear her bandanna collar.  Mama just remembered she has the shirt she bought at the cowboy ranch.  She needs to change her clothes so she looks more Texan.  BOL  We saw one elderly man who was wearing a denim jumpsuit with a cowboy hat.  It is a different look. 

Last night, the cowboys camped near us, but not close enough that we could get photos.  The park manager said that they were right by him and loud.  He said they have a big cookout and hand out awards and things like that.  He said one year they had bands and it was so loud it shook the office here.  He supplies their electric and had a conversation with them after that and it has not been that bad since then.

Last night was also the big BBQ cook off in town.  We could smell it from the highway.  Yum!

This morning there was all sorts of excitement.  A helicopter flew above us and did live broadcasts about the "trail riders" as they are called.  The trail riders then headed down the street and Mama got pictures, but we missed out.  We were sleeping and she didn't have time to get us because they came by pretty fast.  They actually got on the highway which seems really dangerous.

Mama said it was so cool to see them.  She and her friend stood by the road as they went by. 

Tonight, they will camp at Reliant Park and then there is a big parade tomorrow.  I bet it will be crazy around here tomorrow.  There is such excitement around here.

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