Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Friday Might Be The Day

Yesterday morning, Mama was really stressed.  She was on the phone almost all morning with lots of different people.  We didn't know buying a new home had so many steps to it.  She needed to get this motor home paid off, so she had to get the money wired to them.  It turned out to be easy after she got the proper forms, etc.  We are still waiting for a letter to be faxed or a title to arrive by mail showing we own it.  She called about insurance and got some quotes.  She still has questions on those.  She found out that the place we are buying from takes care of the licensing for us and that is really nice since the lines here for registering vehicles are very long.  She asked if they could do the Jeep, too.  BOL!  They said no.

This is what might be our new home.  The sun got in the way.  Mama says it is a pretty rig.

The inspection of the new motor home will take place tomorrow.  We are hoping we can bring it home on Friday. It is still possible that the deal could fall through on Friday.  If they decide Goldie isn't worth as much as they told us, we may just walk away from the deal.  Dad said their offer is really low and he will not take less.  Mama agrees.  It will be a pain waiting there all day and then not have the deal go through.  Yes, this adds to Mama's stress level. 
A better shot of the dining area.  The bedroom is in the background.

We are in the midst of deep cleaning here.  We didn't know Goldie could sparkle so much.  BOL!  I think the refrigerator will be cleaned today and the freezer defrosted.  Mama has to do laundry this morning.  She hopes it is the last time she has to do big loads there.  She will be keeping her wagon because she will take blankets to the laundry room to wash them because our new washer is pretty small.  People love Mama's wagon.  She thought it was funny it came with cup holders, but you know what?  She uses them!  It is rare not to see the wagon without a soda in the front of it.

Mama has to clean the carpet.  It's a good thing she is waiting until the last minute because I got sick on it last night.  Sorry Mama.

The Shower.  It is a little bigger than ours now.  No, it is not slanted, Mama is.  BOL!

Our beds are on their way!  They will be here between Thursday and Monday, but they are estimated to be here on the 6th.  Isn't the 6th Wednesday?  Not sure, our calendar has been packed away.  We hope they arrive before Monday.  Dad would probably prefer they arrive on Friday so that we don't have to tote them all around.  We will probably put them in the Jeep until we get the new motor home.
The bedroom.  It has a lot of storage.
Mama is feeling much better and is not nearly as stressed as yesterday.  Her main focus now is getting things cleaned.  She says there is a lot of dog hair.  Well, it is not mine.  It must be Scout's.

A glimpse of the bed.  Not a good picture.  The big mirror is the closet.  Much bigger than ours now.
Ack! I just looked at the clock.  I need to get off the computer so that Mama can start her day.  There is lots to do here.

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