Friday, February 8, 2013

Extra Large Is Huge

Mama has decided that she made a mistake ordering us extra large beds.  She wanted to be sure that she got us beds that were big enough.  You succeeded, Mama.  They are big enough.  BOL!

I like my bed.  It has enough room for a friend or two.

There is nothing like snuggling with a friend.
Dad says there is enough room for Scout.  No way! This is ALL MINE!

Weeee!  So much room!

Scout still likes our old bed, but she does like the new one, too.
Well, we should be rushing around like crazy today getting our new home, but it is not happening today.  We are not sure what will happen.  The motor home needs to be fixed from the accident and then the mechanic found some other things wrong with it that need to be fixed. The generator has a bad oil leak and one of the slides has an issue.  They can both be fixed, but we will not buy it with those issues. We are not sure what the owner will decide to do. 

Dad said the guy who hit them was an 82 year old man driving a Lincoln.  He told them "I didn't want to get stuck behind you, so I gunned it."  His lane was ending, so he tried to squeeze between the motor home and a concrete barrier.  He lost.  His Lincoln is pretty messed up. 

Dad called yesterday with good news.  His contract has been extended to stay here for another month!  We were so excited. Mama said "Rodeo, here we come!"  He then told us that while on his way home, he received a call from someone else wanting him to go to a different location. He said that they need him more than the current place.  :-(   The man said he was going to call Dad's boss today and tell him that.  :-(  We don't know what will happen now.  :-(  We think the signed contract should be respected.  Unfortunately, the place that Dad may be sent is too cold for us right now.  We could go there in April though.  Our life changes quickly it seems. 

The Greyhound Who Loves Having A Huge Bed

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