Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Love Our New Home!

We are loving our new home.  There is a lot more room.  The couches are awesome!  Saturday night, Mama couldn't sleep and each time she got up, I was trying out a different place to sleep.  Mama and I are actually sharing a couch right now.  I didn't do that when we lived in Goldie.

Here I am looking out the windshield.

Saturday was a stressful day for me and Scout.  We didn't know it would take all day to move into the new place.  The folks were exhausted after moving all day.  Mama wanted Godfather's Pizza for dinner.  She was about ready to order it when she realized we were locked inside the dealer's lot.  Everyone had left and they didn't leave us the code to open the security gate.  We knew another couple who were staying there would be back that night, but we didn't know when.  Finally, the owners came back home and they gave us a clicker so we could get in and out.  We ordered the pizza and off we went to pick it up. When we returned, the other couple had returned and they wanted to talk.  Our pizza got cold.  Mama decided to try out the convection microwave.  Well, it took longer than she was willing to wait, so she decided to switch to the microwave.  She soon learned that you can't just switch from the convection oven to the microwave.  A warning said that the convection oven had to cool off before the microwave could be used.  It is all one machine.  Mama heated up a few slices at a time and it worked out.

Jamie has found a home on the dash for now.

The other thing that Mama had to learn was how to use the washer/dryer.  It is a combination machine.  She put a load in to wash Saturday night.  A salesman once told her to shake out the clothes before switching to drying. She stopped the machine before it went to the automatic drying and shook out the clothes.  She must have hit a wrong button because it started washing again. It takes quite a while to wash a load, so we had to wait at least another hour before we could dry.  Mama has it figured out now.  She has decided it is just easier to let it go from washing to drying automatically though.  It works well.  It can wash more than it can dry, if that makes sense.  If you put too much in the machine, it takes it a very long time to dry.  Mama figures if she keeps up with the laundry every day, it will be fine.  Sometimes when it goes into a spin cycle, it shakes the whole place and that scares Scout.

The dinette has been made into our bed again. 
It was so nice to get back home on Sunday.  Mama said "We are home!" Several of our neighbors came out to congratulate us on our new home.  We are going to miss this place when we leave, but we may come back here next winter

Yesterday, Mama spent the day organizing the bedroom.  She still doesn't have a closet, but she has a dresser and she is using part of the linen closet.  It works.  Dad has the closet.  Mama put his work clothes on one end and she can iron his clothes and they will not wrinkle in the closet.  We couldn't do that in the old place.  She had to hang the clothes all over the motor home and that made us all feel cramped.  She may buy a full sized ironing board since we have the room for it.

Scout enjoying the sun this morning.

Me being impatient because we are standing still.
We will take more pictures of our new home later today.  Mama bought rugs on Sunday because I was doing zoomies and fell on my butt on the wood floor.  She said she wants to vacuum them again before we take photos.  The rugs show all the lint and hair.  They were probably not the best choice, but she wanted something with color and color shows lint.

There is a lot more to say about our new home, but we will save it for later this week.

Mama says "Thank You" for all the birthday wishes.  It was a good day!  BOL!

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