Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Rodeo Is Bringing Strange Things Into Our Park

Excitement is growing here because the rodeo is coming to town.  We have not seen the horses yet, but last night pizza trucks arrived.  That's right pizza trucks!  They are parked in our resort.  We think the drivers/workers are staying here and maybe they are parked here until things are set up for the rodeo.

Pizza On A Stick? That's what it says.  Why would you want it on a stick?

There are also some strange trailers here.  They have been arriving since last week.  Some of them have four doors.  Two doors are common.  Dad said he thinks they use these type of trailers as dressing rooms, but these may have been converted.  They have two sewer hook ups, so we think they must have four bathrooms.  We didn't get a picture of the four door ones yet.

The rodeo people like to party more than the regular residents.  It has not been a problem yet and probably once the rodeo starts, they will be too tired to do much.

We are trying to figure out our new neighbors.  It's a trio of people that don't seem like they go together.  They have a truck and a car.  They take both and are gone all day long.  They might be working at the rodeo.  They came in Sunday afternoon in a trailer with the sale stickers still in the window. We thought one person was just delivering their trailer, but that is not the case.  We thought they were here for medical, but that doesn't appear to be correct either because they wouldn't need two vehicles for that.  It's a mystery that we still need to solve.  BOL!

On our walk this morning, Mama said to do something blog worthy.

Is this blog worthy?
No, I'm not going to smile.

People are looking. This is embarrassing.

Let's just go.

I need to take a nap so that I am refreshed and can check out these rodeo people more.

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