Sunday, February 3, 2013

We May Be Parting Ways With Goldie

What is this?  It's the floor plan for the motor home that Mama and Dad have a contract on.  Yep, they found one.  It has four slides.  It is a 2006 Newmar Ventana - 39 feet.  We can't say for sure it is ours yet because it has to pass some inspections.  Dad is having a mechanic check it out and the dealership will also inspect all the things on the inside.  There is a ton of things that we have to do this week and Mama is feeling overwhelmed, but if she can get the house ready to sell in six weeks, she can do this. We have to have our motor home inspected before we trade it in.  We didn't realize we had to have a Texas inspection. It makes sense that they don't want to buy something that isn't inspected.  We will have to spend the entire day at the dealership while they check out our motor home.  They said it takes several hours. We will then move all of our things into our new place.  We are not for sure when that will happen, but it could be the end of this week.

Mama tried to take pictures of the motor home, but most did not turn out. There was another couple that was very interested in "our place" and they kept getting in the way.  The folks looked at this place for four hours.  They made an offer on that first one that Mama LOVED, but once again they were rejected.  Dad made an offer on this one, but they were rejected.  They came home and thought about it and went back with another offer.  This is really Dad's dream motor home and really didn't think we would be able to afford it.  He decided not to let it pass by.  It is very well insulated as far as motor homes go.  It is a very well respected name in the motor home business. 

It has a king sized bed and the bedroom is not small because it has two slides. King sized beds are not all that common and finding one with enough room is even less common, at least in the rigs that the folks have seen. It has a four door refrigerator with an ice maker. Our current one is half that size.  The shower is a decent size.  The cabinets are cherry.  There is a spot where we may be able to add an electric fireplace.  Oh, yes, it does have a washer/dryer combo!  The only thing that it doesn't have is an automatic awning.  It's the only one they have looked at that didn't have that.  Dad said we will have it added on in the future. They thought about doing it immediately, but then they had to pay a little more than they planned and there went the awning for now.  BOL!

Here are few photos to tease you.  We will give you a tour once we get it home.
The couch will have to be covered since it is leather.

The kitchen. We didn't really gain any counter space.

We will remove some of the chairs to make room for my bed.  This window goes down close to the floor, so I am putting my bed there.  We may remove the whole table to give us more room and build a desk. 
Mama ordered our beds last night.  Yes, we will be sleeping on the floor again.  Scout says she will sleep on the King sized bed during the day.

We are very excited, but Mama is stressed.  What is new, right?

The Greyhound Who Hopes He Likes His New Bed And Motor Home

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