Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Beach Life Is The Best

Hi Friends!

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I updated all of you.  Mom heard someone say that no one really cares when a blogger doesn't update their blog and Dad agreed.  We are glad that you are not holding your breath waiting for an update, but we do hope you care a little.

Everything is fine with us.  I am still walking about 2.5 miles every day on the beach and now I lay down in the water and let the waves crash over me.  It is so much fun!

This past weekend was a holiday and the beach was packed. The news said that over a half a million people visited the beach.  Mom said they didn't all come to visit me, but I still greeted as many people as I could while on my walks.  We were really surprised that the traffic was still backed up at 10 p.m. on Sunday and people were still on the beach. We don't know what time everyone left because we went to bed.

Oh, on Monday, we saw this man trying to pull in a fish.  He was pulling and pulling and pulling.  We thought it would break his line but finally, he got it in and people cheered and gathered around him to see it.  I bet it was thrilling for him to have such a crowd around him cheering for him.  It was a huge Texas Redfish.  Dad said people are only allowed to catch one large redfish a year and the man set if free.  We hope it makes it.  Mom should have taken a photo of it, but she didn't.   A lifeguard came running up because she thought something bad had happened since the crowd around him was so large.  I am sure she was relieved that it was just a fish and not a child on the ground.

People were parked as far as we could see down Seawall Blvd on Sunday.

We still try to see the sunrise every morning but sometimes it is just too early for us.

Sometimes we see cute sand sculptures.

We have seen other things that we can't unsee.  BOL!

Condo Updates

We have made a few more updates to the condo.  Mom doesn't have a lot of storage space in the kitchen so they decided to add it to the wall.

The shelf and the spice racks were ordered from Ikea.  In true Ikea fashion, there was drama involved in the order.  The spice racks and the shelf were shipped separately and the mailing label on both had the first number of our address cut off. The FedEx man called us on the package with the spice racks and it made it to us without any problems. The shelf didn't make it.  Mom called Ikea and was on hold for 52 minutes. She then spoke to someone for 22 minutes who figured out the problem but then the line went dead and Mom didn't know if the shelf was actually coming. She email and she chatted with no results.  Finally, the FedEx person called three days later and said the driver said we didn't exist even though they had our correct address.  The shelf finally arrived.  If Ikea would have provided us with a tracking number we would have at least known a little more about what was happening.

Mom painted the spice racks and the shelf. The spice racks are teak wood and the shelf was white. The containers are from Walmart and fit perfectly on the shelf.  The containers hold flour, sugars, coffee, my treats, and different kinds of pasta.

Mom calls this Dad's wall because it is all his design. The pictures except for the center one were left here by the previous owner.  Mom painted them white. The middle one Mom bought at Hobby Lobby. The shells we collected from the beach.

We have been wanting a pair of these chairs.  However, they are $325 to $375 each.  They are made of Polywood and will last "forever".  We found out that Murdoch's, a store here, was selling their chairs because they replaced theirs with new ones. They only had one bar stool left.  We went ahead and bought it because it was only $50.  We wish they had had two, but they didn't.  We went to the furniture store here and they didn't have any white ones and we were told when they come in, the price would actually be $415.  The folks stopped at another place and were able to order one for $325 plus tax and it should be here next week.  The chairs are still crazy expensive, but they basically bought two for $400 instead of $650.  They love their chair because it is tall enough that they can see over the balcony.


May 24th was the folks anniversary but Dad was in Los Angeles for a meeting.  They celebrated on Saturday night.  They ate to Fisherman's Wharf with a gift card that Mom earned from mystery shopping. They wanted to watch the cruise ship leave and they had a front-row seat.

The ship was 40 minutes late leaving, so they ordered dessert.

Finally, the ship left.

Rarely Boring

It is rarely boring here.  It seems like there is always something going on around us and we are not talking about city events. The other morning someone crashed into the porta potty on the Seawall.  That same morning a transformer caught fire and we lost electric for a few hours.  Also on that same day, one of the employees went to the ER due to illness.  Mom was quite worried about him, but he is fine now.

We sit on the balcony and just watch the beachgoers.  It provides hours of entertainment and it is free.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Has A Salt Water Soul

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