Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy Week

We've had a very busy week. We've had several visitors and that has been fun.

I hurt my toe last Monday. I didn't complain, but it looked nasty. It looks like I lost the whole top layer of my toe nail. It seems to be healing okay. Mama was very worried at first. We didn't go on walks for a few days so that it could heal.

Today, the weather was 70 degrees. We walked down the road and talked with our neighbor. She gave us lots of ear rubs. We were having a great time until a bee stung me on the back and then I decided to bite the bee and then I screamed. Mama got us home fast, because I got really scared. My tongue did not swell up. I'm fine.

Mama said Grandpa is coming over next weekend and is going to help build us a big deck. It sounds like it will be another busy week for us.

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