Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

It's been crazy around here. Daddy and Grandpa have been building a new deck for our house.
It's been very noisy. Scout refused to greet Grandpa on the third day of construction because she is not happy with her beauty sleep being interrupted. Today is day five of construction and they think they will be finished today. They have plans for the rest of the week, too. They are bringing in gravel and mulch. Mama has been busy cleaning and pricing things for a yard sale. She said there are things that were not unpacked when they moved here six years ago, so all of that stuff goes. It's going to be a HUGE sale.

Next week, men are going to come and re-stain the cedar siding. We also have to get our porch fixed. Mama says the staining is at least a week worth of strange men being here and looking in our windows while we try to sleep and work. It will be worth it when it's done though.

Happy St. Pat's Day everyone!

Jack and Scout
The Greyhounds Who Are Looking Forward To Their New Deck!

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