Monday, April 12, 2010

Life Is Too Busy Right Now

We have been so busy getting our house ready to sell. It has been very frustrating for Mama.

I'll try to re-cap what has happened since our last update. We had a guy come out and stain our cedar siding. He was noisy. He had to power wash the house and that was scary. Scout really got scared one day when she woke up to see him looking at her through the window. He was here for 10 days. He always showed up between 11 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and would stay until 9 p.m. Mama celebrated when he finally finished the job.

We have been trying to have our porch fixed for the past three weeks. It needs to be jacked up. The guys came out one day and they put holes in our porch. The noise was so loud. Then their equipment malfunctioned. Concrete went all over the landscaping and the porch. Mama called Daddy almost in tears. She was scared they were not going to clean it up good enough. She then found out that their machine was broke and they would have to come back. It was another week before they came back with a new machine. That machine did not work either. They then discovered that the materials they use have recently been changed and it does not work in their machine. They called their buddies and found out that they were having problems too. They said they would come back last Friday, but they didn't. They couldn't get the correct materials. As of today, our porch is still not fixed and they are still trying to find the correct materials. We cannot list the house if the porch is not fixed. Mama is trying not to think about it.

Mama's computer crashed. She said that Windows did an automatic update and the next day it wouldn't boot up. She couldn't find her recovery disk, but contacted Dell and they sent her a new one. It arrived by FedEx in just two days. She was able to fix it and it seemed to be okay although a few days ago it started doing strange things again. She has backed up all our photos and other important things and if it dies then it dies.

We had a huge yard sale a week ago Saturday. It turned out to be a huge success even though we live in the boonies. After the sale, Mama tried to give some things away on Craigslist, but found people said they would come to pick things up and they never showed up. As of today, we still have a fish tank and stand, large file cabinet, Total Gym and exercise bike that people said they wanted, but then stopped communicating with us. Mama is very frustrated with the human race right now.

Last Thursday, the carpet cleaners were supposed to come. Mama moved the furniture Wednesday night. She waited for the cleaners to show up, but they didn't. She called them to find out they were not coming until the next day. She was not happy. They did show up on Friday and it was scary for us. Mama sat with us on the couch while they cleaned our room and then we moved there when it was ready for us. We didn't like having the house re-arranged, but it is back to normal now.

This past Saturday, Mama cleaned out the basement. She was down there all day long. Daddy worked outside. Yesterday, Daddy went on a business trip. Mama spent part of the day cleaning and painting things.

Daddy says we are listing the house next Monday. I guess he is optimistic that the porch is going to be completed by then. We are keeping our paws crossed because we want our lives to return to normal. We haven't had a peaceful day in over a month now.

Oh, no! We just had another major error on our computer. It re-booted but the error said it was major. It took me an hour to get back here to try and publish my blog. Mama is ready to throw the computer and our Internet card out the window since it's being bad today too.

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