Friday, April 23, 2010

Our House Is Listed!

Last week was another busy week. Daddy went to Kansas City for the week, so that meant I had to help Mama. We had to clean windows, paint things and clean the entire house. It was exhausting. The porch people were finally able to fix our porch. They used a friend's machine and it worked. Every time they came, they made a huge mess. The first time they made the mess, Mama freaked out but by the fourth time, she took it in stride. The head guy even called her outside to see the porch being raised and while she was standing there the hose got away from him and it almost sprayed her with concrete! She screamed, but laughed about it. A man actually showed up and took the free file cabinet. Mama had quit believing people when they said they would take it, but this man actually picked it. We had three guys come and pick up the aquarium. Mama said they reminded her of the movie Deliverance and I did not like them at all. I was so glad when Mama and Scout were both safely inside with me and those men were gone. We hope we never see them again.

We listed the house on Monday. Daddy said that we have to pitch in and pick up our toys and keep our noses off the windows. He says we have to do our part. It's harder for us than it sounds. Mama cut her thumb pretty bad on Sunday so you would think she would understand how hard it is not to have thumbs, but she says we could still pick up our toys.

Last night, Mama made a big pot of spaghetti for dinner and was dressed in her comfy clothes. Scout and I were relaxing with a frosty treat. The phone rang and it was the realtor telling us that someone was coming to look at our house right then. He said the other agent didn't give us the two hour notice that we requested. Mama asked if we could have a half hour and he said he would do his best. Well, Mama yelled to us "THIS IS NOT A DRILL, THIS IS THE REAL THING". She started running through the house trying to hide things. She had to put the good quilt on the bed, pick up all of our beds, hide our food, hide our food dish. She was nuts! Scout and I ran with her from room to room. She threw her dinner away. She threw things in the dishwasher and hoped no one noticed how things were just tossed inside. It was crazy. I tried to help by pushing her along. She put all of our beds in the back of the Jeep. Finally she said "WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" and she had to help us in the Jeep because the beds were stacked so high. We didn't even have to stand up to look out the window. We took off down the road and there were the people. Mama was all sweaty. It was pretty funny. We just drove around waiting for them to leave. They stayed for about 45 minutes. Mama was concerned about what she might have left out. She thought maybe there were clothes or something on the floor since she had to put on jeans before she left. It turns out that she forgot to put up one bed, one water dish and she didn't put out the good bath rugs. She did really good for only having 20 minutes to get us out of the house. She said we have to downsize the number of dog beds that we have because it is just nuts. She also said the next time, we will just hide in the motor home and not drive around the whole time. This house selling is hard work.

Wouldn't it be something if we received an offer after our first showing? Daddy said that life would get really interesting really fast if that happened. Mama hopes it happens, but knows it will probably take a long time to sell. I bet we get really good at cleaning the house fast.

By the way, our Internet has not been working well for the past week. It finally started working at 11 a.m. yesterday and Mama is happy again. It's hard for her when it doesn't work because she works at home and her boss is not very understanding.

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