Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Survivors R Us

We haven't been able to update you on our life because our Internet has been terrible. It seems to be better today.

Scout and I have been enjoying the nice weather.

I enjoy spending time in the sun on the new deck.

Scout enjoys the air conditioning and the couch.

A hummingbird buzzed Scout's head today, so that's probably the end of her going outside for a while. She doesn't like hummingbirds or bugs. Mama probably shouldn't have bought Scout a red collar to wear. LOL

Last week Daddy was away on business and we ran into a copperhead on the road. Well, we didn't really run into it. We just walked by it. Mama ran us home and by the time she got back, the snake was gone.

Last Thursday was really a survivor night for us. Mama took us for a walk in back of the house and there was a copperhead. Mama screamed for Daddy, but he didn't have his listening ears on so he didn't hear her. She got us in the basement and yelled again and Daddy came running. He killed the copperhead. We hope that was the same one we saw earlier, but we have no way of knowing.

While Mama and Daddy were watching Survivor, I smelled something good in the trash can. All of a sudden the trash can lid came down on me. I started running like a cartoon character not going anywhere. I finally got traction and ran into the bar stools and knocked two over. Mama started laughing at me because she said I looked very funny with my head sticking out of a trash can lid. I didn't see the humor in it. I thought it was going to cut my head off. I'm glad Mama didn't have the camera to catch me on film.

Later that night, we went outside before bed. Mama checked the yard but didn't see the opossum in the yard. Scout and I did and took off after it. Mama screamed and screamed at us. Daddy came running out and grabbed us. The opossum finally left the fenced yard. Mama said it was really scary, but we thought it was fun. She now goes out with a flashlight and checks the yard before we can go out.

We went camping last weekend! It rained the first night and the electric went out. That was pretty boring. The next day, we rode around in the Jeep and drove by houses that are for sale. Mama said we were looking for our new home. We rode around for six hours! It was okay though because we went to Sonic and got a burger. We, of course, got to eat our frosty treats while camping.

Your friend,
The greyhound who survived a snake, trash can lid and opossum all in the same day.

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