Monday, May 31, 2010

Guess Where We Are

We are at the BEACH! Well, sort of. We are at a lake, but it has a private beach just for us.

We've been lounging on our "beach" blanket.

When we get hot, we jump in the lake.

We rented a boat to go fishing.

Actually, Daddy and Grandpa went fishing. Mama, Grandma, Scout and I just watched from the beach.

We've watched the geese.

We've eaten lots of good food, but we didn't take pictures of that. Picture barbecue pork steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers and of course Frosty Treats. We've had a really nice time, but it's starting to rain so it's time to head home. We are very tired.

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Jack And Scout
The Greyhounds Who Love Camping at the Beach

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