Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Rain Found Us

Well, the rain found us here in Springfield. It's raining at home and raining here. We are very tired of the rain.

Yesterday, we went to a park that is located on a lake. We looked at the lake.

This is me telling Mama that I am not going in the water, so don't even ask.

We looked at a big tree.

Mama must have a thing about big trees because she was excited about this one. It's in our campground.
Mama and Daddy went to the Lincoln Museum and Scout and I stayed in the motor home. We just sat around and watched TV until the satellite froze the screen and then we just looked at the same picture until they came home. We then walked around the campground and met the other campers.

We are heading home in a little while. We got a call yesterday that someone wants to look at our house today. We will stay here a little longer than planned to give them time to look around. We are keeping our paws crossed that they will make an offer.

On a sad note, our greyhound friend Camie, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We are very sad for her Mama and her kitties that she lived with. We know she is running free now.

The Missouri Bound Greyhound

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