Thursday, November 11, 2021

The New Recliners Have Arrived!

 Mom has been stalking the delivery of our two recliners for the past week.  They both shipped from North Carolina on the same day but when they made a stop over in Georgia, only one went on to Texas.  A few days later the second chair left Georgia and made its way to Texas. Mom was a little nervous but she was happy when they both ended up at the Houston facility.

Mom had planned on donating our old chairs to a thrift store here that also does pick up of items.  Unfortuntely, they were not able to pick up the old chairs this week.  She checked around but all the places that pick up items for a fee were too expensive.  She did not want to pay $375 for the pick up of the chairs, so she went to Plan C which was for her and Dad to take the chairs to Goodwill.

Yesterday, Dad decided that they should go ahead and try to get the chairs out of the unit since rain was predicted for today.  He was concerned that they might have trouble getting the chairs out in one piece.  Recliners easily come apart but ours had slip covers over them and Dad had them tied on good and he really didn't want to have to remove the covers and take the chairs apart.  In the end, the folks were able to get the chairs out our door without too much trouble.  They then put the first chair on the back of the van and took it to Goodwill. They made two trips to Goodwill and the twin chairs confused the workers but it all worked out and was much easier than Mom expected.

The recliner being strapped down by Dad.  My bed is at the top of the recliner  It is being used to keep the recliner from scratching the van.

This morning, Mom washed our rugs. We have Ruggables which are nice because they can be washed in a regular washing machine. She then used a steam mop to clean our floors.  She was really busy and sweaty.  

Our chairs arrived around 10 a.m.  Mom really likes the color of the chairs.  They are a little stiff right now, but she said they will be better in a few days.  She is working on breaking hers in right now. She is tired from moving chairs and cleaning.

Our new Ashley Recliners and our freshly laundried Ruggables rug.

Mom is very happy with how easy it was to get the new chairs from Amazon.  She chose a delivery time when she placed her order and it never changed.  It was a good experience.

The Greyhound Who Is Tired After All The Activity With Chairs

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  1. Those look like nice comfy chairs. Have you been able to test them out yet, Jaxson?


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