Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun Camping Weekend

We just got home from camping. We stayed at a park that was full of barking dogs. They were every where. It was hard for us to walk because all of these dogs were trying to get to us. We ended up taking a trail that was right outside our door and we walked through the woods and avoided those silly dogs. We camped there one other time but the dogs were not as bad that time.

We visited a state park yesterday that was damaged in 12/2005 when a reservoir broke. It carried boulders nearly a mile to the park. Luckily, the only people who were there when it happened were the superintendent, his wife and two children. The water swept them away, but they were all found alive. If it would have happened during camping season, it would have been a big disaster. Here are some photos of the boulders that ended up where the campground used to be.

This is Scout, Me and Daddy next to one of the boulders.

Here's our Jeep next to another one.

More of the boulders that were left behind by the rushing water. Can you imagine these boulders and over one billion gallons of water rushing at you?

If you are interested in learning more about it, here is a link Johnson Shut-Ins.
The campground has been moved to a new area and should be open next year. Daddy says we are going to camp there. Mama says "Why?" LOL

Mama and Scout stepped on a snake this weekend. They didn't even know it. Daddy had to tell them. Mama would have taken a photo if she would have thought about it, but she didn't.

A Very Tired Greyhound

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