Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Are On Vacation!

We have been on vacation since Sunday. Mama has been taking lots of photos and we were getting ready to upload them so you all could see our adventures and we realized we left the cord at home. We can't share our vacation photos until we get home.

We are camping at Thousand Hills State Park. It's very pretty here. We basically have the place to ourselves. We have been doing a lot of walking and exploring. The weather is great, so we are having a lot of fun. There is a big lake, so we have been taking walks around it.

Mama said there is a Walmart nearby that has more fabric than she has ever seen at a Walmart, so we she bought material for some new collars. She was so excited when she got back yesterday.

Lady bugs have swarmed our motor home. There are at least ten that are inside the motor home and the outside is really bad. We can't walk outside without getting several on us. It's crazy!

We head to another park tomorrow, so our adventure continues.

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