Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nothing New Around Here

I guess we have settled into a regular routine because not much is happening around here.

We did get our new dryer on Tuesday, but our old cord was too short for it. Mama had to buy a new cord and Daddy hooked it up on Thursday, so we did laundry all day on Friday.

Mama bought drapes for the living room on Friday, so we all sat around and looked at them for 5 hours trying to decide if we liked them. We decided we didn't when we discovered that the lack of a liner made the view from the outside look really bad. Mama took them back today and Daddy helped her pick out new ones. We all like the new ones, so our home is happy again.

Mama bought some wine artwork for the kitchen. She debated doing it because she really doesn't drink wine, but she liked the artwork. She said the kitchen is purple so it looks nice. I think she should have decorated it with greyhounds, but she said she will do that in her office.

We have bunnies in our backyard. Mama always tries to scare them off, but they are not scared of her. She lets us off of our leash and we normally look at them for a few minutes and then we chase them. Scout chased one all around the shed and then she bounced off the fence. Mama hopes we just chase them and don't actually catch them.

A man was in our yard on Thursday marking things for the utility company. We don't know why, but he was here. I didn't care for him at all. He was wearing a hard hat and sunglasses and he was in our yard. It was just not right, so I barked. Yes, you heard me correctly. It was not a big bark, but it was a ruff, ruff, ruff. It was caught in my throat because I don't bark, but I know when something is not right and I have to protect my Mama.

I guess we have had several things happen this week after all, maybe it's not so boring. Daddy is going on a trip this week, so we will be on our own for the first time in this house. Mama is a little nervous about it. I better practice up on my ruffs.

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