Saturday, May 28, 2011


We need to update everyone on our camping trip that we took last week, but we have breaking news! Last night, Mama and Scout were walking in the front yard and they saw a snake without a head. :-O They came running into the house yelling for Daddy. Daddy went out and determined that the snake was headless and he tossed him in the field. Mama said if the snake was back tomorrow, she was going to freak out. Well, the snake is back in our front yard right now! He is still headless and now is smelling pretty bad. We figure some animal brought him back to the yard to munch on him. Mama told Daddy to toss him across the road this time and if it comes back again, she is not going out in our yard until winter. She hates snakes.

Mama has been really busy since our camping trip. She has been taking classes for a new job while still doing her current job. She finally completed the classes last night and now she has to start taking phone calls. She is really nervous about doing that part, but once she gets the hang of it, she thinks she will like it. We hope she does because it sounds like a pretty cool job.

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