Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Look

No, we didn't change our look.  BOL!  We spruced up the motor home a little bit.  Mama has been wanting new rugs since we bought the rugs for this place last February.  She didn't have time to look for rugs because we needed them immediately.  I fell the first day in the motor home so rugs were urgent as far as Mama was concerned.  The folks were tired and only went to one store and bought what they had.  Mama thought she wanted color because the whole place is beige, but she quickly learned that color shows hair and lint....a lot.
This was our old rug.  We had 4 runners and one rug that was 5x7.
The rug only looked clean for about an hour after vacuuming.   We hate the vacuum, so we were not thrilled with the rugs either.

Mama looked for rugs while Dad was away, but couldn't find anything that she liked in her budget.  She only planned on replacing the 5x7 rug.  Dad told her that she wouldn't be happy just replacing the large rug, but she thought it would be fine.  After Dad got home, they looked for rugs together and finally found one that they liked. They brought it home and Mama decided the kitchen ones needed to replaced.  She then decided that the bedroom should also match.  BOL! Dad just laughed because he knew that is what was going to happen.  No, Mama did not stay within her budget.  Dad thought the budget was unrealistic anyway.

Ready to see our new look?

Scout approves.

Yep, the whole place is beige, but we like it.  The carpet does not show our hair at all.  We think it makes the place feel and look more cozy.  The only thing that looks out of place now is the rug that is under our food dish and the one at the door. Sounds like more shopping is necessary, doesn't it?  BOL!

Dad decided to make Mama a shelving unit for her laundry supplies. It turned out really nice.  It is in his closet.

It even has a spot for the ironing board that folds up.
We are really enjoying the new look of our home.

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